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ShopFactory 14 - what's new

ShopFactory 14 is the best ShopFactory yet in our 25 year history. Build shops faster and more effectively. Achieve better SEO results.  Offer your customers a powerful new search experience to make finding products easier. Boost sales with a vastly improved checkout. Benefit from an updated mobile mode, access to over 1500 new Apps and much, much more.

Higher listings in Google thanks to the many SEO improvements and our powerful new search have already proven their value to early users of ShopFactory 14. Resulting in more visitors and more sales.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to ShopFactory 14 than meets the eye. While many changes such as the improved SEO are under the hood, you'll be easily able to spot features such as the new social content blocks for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Comments or the improved checkout and new mobile mode.

If you haven't seen our new content block editor in action yet, check out the video below. We introduced it in ShopFactory 12 and improved it for ShopFactory 14.


Powerful new search

Customers love searching for products. So we added the most powerful search engine ever to ShopFactory 14.

The new search makes finding the right product easier than ever by returning better matches and giving customers more options to filter results.

Search by keywords, price, category, options, specifications and more.

Or add hidden keywords to your products, which are not listed in your product description. This can have a tremendous effect on your store performance. One of our early testers increased sales by more than 30% by adding various spellings of product names to his store, to make sure customers would find the products they were looking for.

Simplified interface

We made the interface easier to use and more powerful

As we added more and more functions in the past, the ShopFactory Interface became more complex.

Now we have adjusted the interface to make it easier to use and faster by moving functions rarely used and making it easier th access the functions you need.

Switching between Normal and List views for example can now quickly be done by selecting the appropriate tab at the top of the page. After all, editing products in List mode is faster, so accessing List mode should be fast, too.

Improved buying experience

ShopFactory 14 uses the latest research to improve the buying experience for your customers in your store.

Buying in an online store must be simple and easy. Yet no matter how easy you make it, there is always something you can improve to get even more sales.

In ShopFactory 14 we have included countless smaller and larger improvements to make buying in your store faster and easier than ever. Ranging from integrating larger Add to Cart buttons for larger screens and mobile devices to Quote requests and improved quantity discount notifications.

We have also integrated the checkout process more deeply into your online store, to advance the checkout experience even further.

New Product and Page wizards

The Product and Page wizard have been simplified and made more powerful.

We adjusted the Product and page wizard, so they would be easier to work with - and added support for content blocks to the product description and the longer description.

So now you can create product descriptions which reflect the quality of your products without having to know anything about coding. Your product pages will look better than ever.

You can now also copy content from other websites and MS Word documents for example, without breaking your design, by using the Paste as Text option.  

Better Order management

Making it easier than ever to manage your orders.

The more orders you get the better. So we have improved the ShopFactory cloud order management interface to make working with orders easier and faster than ever.

Now you can send multiple invoices at the same time, or print all the packing slips for last night's orders at once.

Allow access to your order management portal to multiple users to help you accept, process and ship your orders. You can assign different roles to your users, depending on their function.

Many other improvements help you take care of orders and look after your customers in less time than ever before.


Works with modern browsers

Browsers constantly evolve - and so does ShopFactory to keep pace. Whether your customers use their browser on desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Take video for example. These days you can no longer use Flash to show videos on websites, as most browsers no longer support it. 

ShopFactory 14 takes care of this for you and of countless other little browser changes due to new updates, technologies, privacy or security regulations etc .

ShopFactory 14 will ensure your shop will continue operating optimally for all of your customers.

Apps and Triggers add more power

New trigger functions in the order management interface and a new App store allow ShopFactory to talk to more 3rd party solutions than ever before.  

Do you want to improve the SEO of your store? ShopFactory's new SEO App helps you make the changes you need and allows you to monitor the results, so you can push your products to the top in Google and other search engines.

Our Quotes App allows your customers to request quotes. Or allow customers to ask for free product samples. Great functions, if you are a manufacturer or importer, for example.

Now you can create surveys, questionaires and contact forms with ease. Create amazing online forms and surveys with ShopFactory 14's Form Builder App.

A new system of triggers is activated, whenever you receive new orders. So now, when you receive an order, we can push it to hundreds of 3rd party systems such as MailChimp, Google Spreadsheets and SalesForce, for example (coming soon).

A great new feature which will help you with managing orders, accounting, marketing, analytics, customer relationship management and more. 


Many more features - just try it!

There are far more more features in ShopFactory 14 than we can list here. Best is you simply download it and try it out.

If you have an earlier version of ShopFactory, no problem: ShopFactory 14 will install itself as a separate program and will not interfere with your your current installation. 

To experience the power and ease of use of ShopFactory 14, just download it now. To find a more comprehensive list of features, check out the List of Features.

All current ShopFactory rental plan owners and subscribers can download the latest ShopFactory 14 for FREE .

All new users can purchase ShopFactory 14 via our Pricing Page or get a FREE 30 day Trial Version .


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